Differences between Matte And Glossy kitchen Finishes.



As a contemporary kitchen and bath professionals, we are often asked by clients whether they should pick a glossy or matte finish for their kitchen cabinet surfaces. In many cases, clients have an instant connection to one over the other. But if not, no worries. The decision ultimately comes down to the desired characteristics, colors, and finishes for their dream kitchen space and your taste.

We will cover the benefits and qualities of each contemporary door finish in order to help you establish an informed decision regarding the best-look and functionality of your European-designed kitchen.

Let’s start with the gloss doors to my (direction). Kitchens designed with glossy finishes are warm and inviting. They’re stylish and overall, very attractive. As the name suggests, gloss doors have a shiny surface that reflects much of the natural and artificial light inside of the kitchen. This bouncing of illumination off the many surfaces makes any size room feel like an ever-larger space - making the area exquisitely bright and beautiful.

For this reason, gloss-finished surfaces are incredibly popular and incredibly functional for smaller kitchen spaces. You should be aware that different gloss colors, finishes, and textures will heavily influence the permeation of light throughout your kitchen space. For example, lighter colors and paler tones offer the most light reflection. This is why gloss white kitchens are very popular. While darker gloss panel colors can provide a new and bold look for the right space, be aware that these darker panels will show dirt, surface imperfections, and any damage to the panel much quicker. Therefore, gloss color, finish, and texture are just three considerations to make when leaning toward a glossy kitchen door.

Before we move on to matte kitchen doors, I’d like to briefly explain the joy and ease of cleaning inside a gloss-paneled kitchen. In addition to their stunning quality, glossy finishes have the benefit of being incredibly easy to clean. A microfiber, anti-scratch cloth - available from any hardware store or supermarket, makes maintenance quick and simple. However, glossy panels do have the drawback of prominently showing fingerprints and smudges, especially when compared to a matte-finished kitchen cabinets.

Fingerprints and other related incidents on whiter, paler colors will always be less visible compared to dark ones... but the look will still be bothersome. One clever way to minimize fingerprint exposure is to invest in handleless cabinets. This style not only looks incredibly clean but the doors simply receive less touch when opening and closing cabinet doors. There is simply less opportunity for dirt or grease to leave fingerprints behind after usage.

Additionally, another unique solution to this fingerprint issue is a mix of glossy and matte panels. As the typical adult holds their gaze at eye-level, placing glossy panels at this higher level are a safe and functional choice while matte-finishes are best situated below counter tops as they better hide fingerprints and damage that is more likely to occur at this level. This solution combines the best of both worlds. Your kitchen will be nice and bright but clean as well.

Parents you are well aware of the sticky and messy fingers that graze kitchen cabinets occur in the lower portions of your kitchen. Using this ideal combination, you will be able to appreciate the light and striking visual appearance from eye-level gloss finishes while matte finished lower units will be able to better hide fingerprints and damage.

This smart solution largely takes care of the fingerprint issue, especially when children are involved. Moreso, many families design kitchens with more than one color. The ability to mix and match finishes also allows for impressive color contrast. With that, we would like to move on to discuss the beauty of matte kitchen surfaces.

In the last decade, matte kitchens have really surged in popularity. Rather than reflecting light, matte surface look flatter and largely absorb light from bouncing around the room. This absorption establishes an entirely new look compared to the glossy kitchen.

However, we stress that it’s the quality of the panel, matte or glossy, that really influences the ultimate look of the space. A kitchen finished with matte finishes can offer owners a truly understated elegance. The continuous solid color offers an incredible luxurious feeling, an exuberant appearance, if you will. While the gloss appearance greatly depends on light to achieve its look, the matte is able to stand on its own. Overall, matte finishes offer more of a color solidity. For example, matte finishes will look darker in low lighting but truly pop in its presence. In either case, the color consistency is apparent.

Further, matte panels are available in a variety of finishes. For example, matte panels can be adorned with a gloss, lacquer, laminate, or satin lacquer finish. Each is engineered in a slightly different process. This simply means that the texture and color will vary, alongside price. When clients are unable to choose between a gloss and laminate matte finish, a matte satin is typically suggested. This satin-finish amounts to a silky-smooth surface that does not reflect excess light but appears clean and fresh - perfect for a contemporary kitchen look

Regarding maintenance, matte finishes are more durable and scratch-resistant than their glossy siblings. Still, a bit more elbow grease may be required in order to keep cabinets clean. Thankfully, matte finishes are more resistant to fingerprints and smudges than glossy finishes, adding to the benefits of a matte panel.

After going over these two lovely finishes, I hope that I have clarified the differences between the glossy and matte finish options and the benefits of each. As both finishes offer unique yet different characteristics to each kitchen, personal taste and durability will largely impact your decision.

Lastly, if you have any questions at all, we cannot stress this enough, always seek out professional advice to properly handle all your kitchen renovation concerns and questions.

Lastly, we wanted to provide this information to our clients to allow them to make a more informed decision, one that is conducive to every dream kitchen desire. To help quell any lingering hesitation, choosing a matte or glossy panel is really just a matter of opinion. There are no right and wrong answers as every person and every kitchen has different a fundamentally special feel. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and textures. Feel free to be fun and creative with your choices that best utilize the look and function of your kitchen space. Wherever your choices lead you, we would be happy and honored to help make your vision a reality.

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