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Great Decision finally you want to remodel; the question is where do you begin? With such a large project, you want to be sure to make the best decisions for your space; Your kitchen usually is the busiest corner of your house. After all, we spend much time in the kitchen and very often entertain our friends make important decisions with our families.

Contemporary modern kitchens & bath remodeling Is our specialty, We import our materials from Italy, panels are cut, and doors and drawers are made in our Los Angeles factory, keep in mind, we (design in 3D free service) build, deliver & install what we make

Whole kitchen Remodeling might require all or some of the following trades
  • Pemits
  • Carpentry
  • Demolition
  • DryWall
  • Install appliances
  • Clean up debris
  • Countertops
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Paint
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Cabinets

About 3B builder

The kitchen is one of the most critical areas of the house; it is the room in which generally in addition to cooking we eat and entertain. A kitchen must be built in a way which is friendly and comfortable, but perfectly functional and practical.

3B Builder Customer Experiance and pricing

Our DIY Survey shows that in most cases homeowners end up spending more money on the project, then if they had hired us to do the job.

  • Let us save you time - Money & unnecessary headaches
  • And the most importantly liability from unlicensed and uninsured sub contractors
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Superb Workmenship

3B builder Modern kitchens are designed for the pleasure of living with pleasure, that combines functionality beauty with the right design, It is possible to create the maximum functionality by using every single available inch of your space, regardless of kitchen or bath size. Give us an opportunity to deliver.

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Our Matrials

Scratch Resistant Stain Resistant to (coffee or milk olive oil, acetic acid solutions, tea, Soda ) Resistance to (dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, bleach), and other cleaning products, Mirror effect, Vivid Colors, Easy to clean, Water resistant, Modern design. Comes with 5  year limited Warranty.

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Stylish Look

Elegant High gloss European Made Panels make beautiful glossy cabinets and Doors, enables creating contemporary and stylish new combinations for home decor, kitchens, bathrooms, Cabinets, and decorations. Covered with Evogloss, and the back side of the panels is filled with white melamine.

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Burbank Town Center in Euro Kitchen Gallery

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Handleless cabinets are cabinets without your traditional hardware. They come with individual grooves and profiles opening them is just as easy as cabinets with handles may be easier Handleless cabinets bring a new trandy look to any kitchen and can be used with modern cabinets or natural wood cabinets and any style

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The rail profile (rail) behind each cabinet and drawer front, creating a space you can easily grip. These handless are one of the more popular handleless designs, although we will have to special order these and installing the rails require specialized labor that we provide. sitting behind each cabinet and drawer front, creating a space you can easily grip. These cabinets are more popular handleless designs, it does not cost a lot more the handled cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - Cabinet Makeover

What is cabinet refacing or cabinet makeover
  • If you love your existing cabinet layout but desire an updated modern or contemporary look. Refacing Cabinets might be an ideal solution
  • Refacing refers to the external transformation of your cabinet’s doors and drawer fronts appearance.
  • Saving up to 70%
What are the advantages of cabinet refacing or cabinet makeover

You can expect to save time and money, roughly 50 – 70% when you decide to reface your cabinets over a complete remodel, with prices starting at $11.90 sq. Ft. Dependent upon material availability, we offer a typical turnaround of 1 to 5 days. Also, due to the nature of faced cabinetry, you can continue using your kitchen without interruption since all your cabinet frames are still supporting your most used appliances. The hassle of a remodel will be absent during your cabinet’s resurfacing. Lastly, as a valued customer of 3B Builders, you’ll receive valuable insight and craftsmanship from our licensed professionals to create the modern look you desire.

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